Black Girl Magic Series- 1 #BlackGirlsWhoCode

Welcome to the black girl magic series. I am honored to begin this chapter of my blog with the stylish and most intelligent , Ms. Morgan Williams.  This young woman encompasses the epitome of black girl magic with a splash of Beyonce fine in the mix. Morgan is a senior computer science major, 21 years old, and just created her own app. Yes, you read that correctly,  she’s already making an impact in the tech industry and hasn’t even graduated from college. I had the honor of speaking with Ms. Williams about her future aspirations, computer science, and the prejudices she receives from being BLACK and BEAUTIFUL  in the tech industry.

Q-What made you want to choose your major?

A- I chose to major in Computer Science because I wanted to be an independent developer. When I entered college at Howard University I was a Finance major interested in the business of mobile application development. I had an extensive list of ideas for mobile applications and I wanted to begin implementation. I decided to change my major to Computer Science to learn software development in school and research the business of mobile application development outside of school.

Q- When did you start coding and what languages do you use?

A- I started coding in the Spring of 2014. I began learning Python and C. I then learned C++, Java, HTML, CSS, and C#.

Q- What skills are you currently trying to gain?

A- At the moment, I’m learning to develop iOS and Android applications. I’m developing a new game and updating Sugar Apple. I’m continuing to create 2D art for game concepts and implementing the art within the game engine.

Q- Do you like the front end or back end of coding/computer science?

A- I like front end development. I’m interested in user interface design and I create aesthetically pleasing applications.

Q- What are your future goals?

A- In the future, I plan to establish a mobile application and video game development company. I want to create a variety of games with intricate detail and design. I plan to attend graduate school for 3D art in order to begin developing 3D video games. I would love to create a workshop for children and teach the design and development of games, incorporating the creation of game art.

Q- Why is it important for women to go into this field/ learn coding?

A- It is important for women to go into the field of Computer Science because the current percentage of women who graduate with a computer science degree is significantly lower than men.

Q- What is the biggest struggle of being a black woman in the tech industry?

A- As a black women in the tech industry I’m often underestimated. In addition to being a women, I’m artistic and it is expressed through my appearance. I often stand out amongst other students. I strategically planned the unexpected release of Sugar Apple to demonstrate what an artistic black women is capable of and that we are not to be underestimated.

Thank you Ms. Williams for sharing your story with me. She is the first of many for our black girl magic series. Make sure to check out her website and download her new game @ ,


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