Kodak Black – The Tour ’17


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Kodak Black’s upcoming tour and album for 2017

February 2, 2017- Grammy award winning multi-platinum selling artist Kodak Black kicks off his debut tour, ’17, on March 15th in Washington D.C. The ’17 tour will visit 25 cities throughout the United States featuring artist such as Gucci Mane, Boossie Badass, and Koly P. Tickets will be available starting February 1st, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST on LitNation official website.

“This will be one of my best albums yet, really excited to share with my fans”- Kodak Black

 ’17 tour will feature Kodak Black’s recent albums such as Lil Big Pac, Heart of Projects, and Broccoli. Fans will experience hip-hop like they never have before. Kodak’s premiere tour will incorporate free style rapping and trap anthems from the past five years.

a809e433b3a90aabfbfacf666af400ea-436x436x1The Broccoli album is a new project Kodak has dedicated his life to. From the struggle of living in the hoods of Florida, to the brutal life in prison, Kodak takes his fans through it all in Broccoli. For Bank of America Elite members there will be a complimentary album release party in Kodak’s home town of Tampa Florida on February 15th, 2017. Tickets can  be purchased at the official LitNation website.

Stay up to date on all things Kodak Black by following the ’17 Tour Twitter account. Special contest, and exclusive behind the scenes footage can only be viewed there!

Litnation was established in 1949 by  Karen Link and her husband Ron Leroy. Since it’s founding date we pride ourselves in creating the best experience for artist and fans to connect with each other. With over 500 venues in the United States alone we strive to make ourselves the most available performance company in the country. Litnation observes all rights to Kodak Black’s promotions and ticket sells.

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