Harley- Davidson Ad- Campaign ’16

Bison Advertising

Melvin Cade 

Ani Mayo

Angelique Perkins

Marrelle Bailey

Kiana Knolland

Jasper Henderson




Harley-Davidson personally created the demographics for their consumers and it is quite apparent that there is a specific part of the population who purchases these motorcycles. The typical buyers are normally Caucasian American males that are 35 or older with a stable source of income. Information from the Harley-Davidson website shows that their company is nine times more likely to sell a motorcycle to this type of customer. Branching out of these customs can improve their clientele and also their market value.


Most riders purchase these motorcycles to follow and live a lifestyle. There are those who have recently retired and want to cruise around their town or the nation. Or there are the riders that want to drive without the hassles of a normal car. Living a life carefree and without boundaries tend to be the perspective of most. The weather is a main component to these motorcycles so there is a seasonal buying pattern, which there are heavy purchases in the spring and winter.

Major Competition:

There are many motorcycle brands and/or companies around the United States. Though Harley-Davidson’s popularity is detectable they have some competing companies beating them out right now in most purchases. Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati and sometimes Suzuki appears to have a one up one Harley-Davidson. Most of these other motorcycle companies offer additional sales such as racing and off road vehicles. Their revenue is not solely on motorcycles, unlike Harley-Davidson. Although there is one thing most of these other companies do not have, which are trikes. Typically Harley-Davidson is within the top ten motorcycles listed. This specific Harley-Davidson has many attributes and prospect than most other motorcycle companies. Typically most of Harley-Davidson’s prices are similar to the competition, but it seems that theirs can be more on the high end in pricing.

Most Notable Aspects:

Harley-Davidson is known for is traditions and unity. that do not stop with the purchase of the bikes, it keeps going with the continual service a customer receives. 

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Creative Strategy

Product Service:

  • Harley-Davidson
  • The 2016 Harley-Davidson Street 500 & 750



The challenge presented for Harley-Davidson is connecting and appealing to a younger audience. Reaching a different demographic can be a challenging feat. As millennials dive into the professional world, they are being forced to prioritize. According to the Pew Research Center, only 14% of Americans own a motorcycle. Millennials must see investing in a Harley-Davidson as a necessity rather than solely a want in order to fit their transportation needs. In early October, Mark-Hans Richter the SVP of Global CMO said, “Growing with youth versus growing with old is a false choice,” said Richter. “Products can adjust, logos can change entirely, but meaning can be ageless. Brands can grow in multiple generational directions simultaneously. It can be done. We are doing it.” Harley-Davidson does not want to focus its attention solely on millennials, the company wants to grow each of the demographics simultaneously. The simultaneous growth for the targeted demographic can be seen as a challenge. Due to lack of heavy engagement by millennials, there should be a heavier consumer focus among their demographic. In a survey conducted by Civic Science, 77% of millennials said they do not plan to buy a motorcycle.


The Product:


  • Features:


    • This particular location of Harley-Davidson takes on sales for the whole Metropolitan area.
    • Won the District Championship for the Harley-Davidson Custom Kings Street Customization Contest.
    • They are the oldest motorcycle dealership for the Metropolitan area.
    • They have a partnership with the Police Force, for their motorcycles.
  • Benefits:

Exclusive or Unique Product Attributes: Fit, Function, Performance and Style

      • Fit: Handlebars, seat, brake, foot controls and suspension can be customized.
      • Function: Detachable accessories can be changed in seconds.
      • Performance: Performance parts are proven for long hauls and and heavy loads.
      • Style: custom seats, custom wheels and custom paint are all offered.

Can Product Claims be substantiated?

      • Harley-Davidson was established in 1903. The longevity and credibility of this company allows many prospects to know of Harley-Davidson before hand.


Target Audience

Our key public for the campaign “The Future Is Bright, Your Future Is Harley Davidson”, here at Bison Advertising is young adults ages 18 to 34 who seek adventure and tradition. Through the use of social media we here at Bison Advertising plan to target the new millennials through eye catching advertising on their Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We are looking for the newly financially stable adult who doesn’t think they can afford the life of a Harley-Davidson owner. As we plan to market the “Harley-Davidson Street” motorcycle to this audience, the cheaper price will open up the new generation of Harley-Davidson owners.

Our key public will be attracted to the Davidson family for its elite and exclusive history. As the younger generation sees that the Davidson family has opened its brand up to the millennial generation with lower pricing and realistic leasing opportunities, the Harley-Davidson family will expand and be able to bring in the next line of Davidson riders. We plan to target young adults who seek to embrace the history and quality of the Harley-Davidson brand. Here at Bison Advertising, with our exclusive first hand knowledge of social media and its effect on the millennial generation, we believe that we can reach this target audience through creative and attractive advertising with a focus on social media. Through the campaign “The Future Is Bright, Your Future Is Harley-Davidson”, our target audience will be heard, embrace their side of adventure and join the herd!      



TV commercial Script

Setting : Local student party

Scene : Students partying at a house party

Student 1 : Who got some speakers?

Everyone : *Shrugs* Ad lib “Not me” “I Don’t”

Motorcycle Man : I got ya’ll

[Cues music]   

[Camera zooms in on motorcycle man]

Motorcycle Man : Accept the challenge  

[Harley-Davidson logo appears]  


Radio Script  

Client : Harley-Davidson

Title : Be Heard


*Motorcycle sound effect*

Announcer : Do you hear that? It’s the sound of confidence , the sound of adventure , the sound of  new life . The sound…of you.  

Announcer : Be heard with the premier Harley-Davidson elite motorcycles . The Fort Washington maryland team is ready to pair you up with the best of the best luxury motorcycles in the nation. Customizations, Modifications, we’ve got it all! Accept the challenge you’ve been looking for. It’s time for you to be heard.

*Motorcycle sound effect*  





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