Where Has Black TV Gone

Goodbye Mrs. Huxtable hello Instagram models!

In a time where the exploitation of Black people has become popular, we must wonder if we as Black people are exploiting ourselves.


From the 90’s to the 2000’s all ages alike could have the opportunity to watch a strong positive Black image on screen. College students tuned into “A Different World” and saw the many shades of Black, and socioeconomic standing characters of the Black community successfully conquering higher education. Children could watch “Fat Albert” and experience a children’s cartoon where the Black characters had proportional Black features.

Again and again the 90’s and 2000’s TV executives produced positive Black Shows such as:

  1. Steve Harvey Show
  2. Sister Sister
  3. That’s So Raven
  4. Family Matters
  5. Cosby Show
  6. Moesha
  7. The Bernie Mac Show
  8. Girlfriends
  9. Good Times
  10. Living Single

According to Nielsen, VH1 is the current winner for most watched cable shows in black households. The shows on this network include “Love and Hip Hop” @LoveHipHopVH1, “Black Ink Crew” @BlackInkCrew, “Basketball Wives”@BasketballWives, and “Stevie J and Joesline”. These shows contain content that continuously have Black women fighting each other, Black men cheating on their wives, and making an irresponsible business deals.

Viewers are now seeing more reality TV shows, and sitcoms that reflect Blacks as angry, ghetto, uneducated, and ill-mannered. This negative reflection of the Black clown stereotype can be very detrimental to the psychological development of Black adolescents. It also reinforces the stereotypes that the Black community continues to change.

The acceptance and popularization of this type of entertainment not only encourages negative behavior to flourish throughout our community, but also teaches other cultures within and outside of America that all Black people act in this unacceptable behavior. But c’mon now, we’ve had a Black President for crying out loud don’t you think we should make more of an effort to have shows like Blackish, Insecure, and Oprah on our screens?

Black culture will always be entertaining to the world. Its time we take our talent and ideas and reflect them in the positive light they were meant to be in!

*Disclaimer this is a class assignment*


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